Like Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor before it, you have a chance to save your friends’ lives in Devil Survivor 2. Nicaea, a mysterious website, will text you with videos when someone close to you is fated to die. You’ll get to know the characters in Devil Survivor 2 pretty well since almost every (game) time consuming event involves a main character whether its driving the plot forward or slice of life type vignettes. Let’s see who you might be able to save.


imageDaichi Shijima -18 years old

A third-year high school student who is childhood friends with the protagonist. He is caught in a subway disaster on the way home from cram school and acts as comic relief for the group.

Daichi develops strength and agility stats at an equal rate when he levels up and can gain fire resistance through the Fate system.


imageIo Nitta – 18 years old

Io goes to the same high school as the protagonist and Daichi. She’s a bit of a bookworm and can be unsure of herself at times, but is admired by boys in her class.

Io is strong in magic and also gains strength boosts when leveling up, but her vitality and agility tend to be low. Io gains electricity resistance through the Fate system.


imageYuzuru "Joe" Akie – 25 years old

Joe meets the group in Tokyo where he’s being chased by a demon. He works at a trading company and has to a tendency to space out and wander off on his own.

Joe equally develops magic and agility statistics at a when he levels up. Through the Fate system, Joe can gain force resistance.


imageMakoto Sako – 26 years old

A member of the JP’s organization in Tokyo. She meets the protagonist and acts as your first liaison to the JP’s. Makoto has a tough personality and is fiercely loyal to JP’s.

Makoto favors strength boosts when leveling up, but also develops magic as a secondary trait. She has low vitality, though. Makoto gains ice resistance through the Fate system.


imageYamato Hotsuin – 17 years old

The young leader of the JP’s who respects the protagonist. He’s part of the Hotsuin family who is tied to a secret society that defends Japan from unseen threats and seems to know more about the invasion than he lets on.

Yamato is similar to Io, he equally develops strength and magic. He can gain physical resistance through the Fate system.


imageOtome Yanagiya – 25 years old

Otome works as a doctor in the Osaka JP’s division. She meets the protagonist when Yamato asks all of the civilian helpers to take a physical exam.

Otome prioritizes magic when leveling up, but also grows vitality making her a bit more balanced than Fumi. Otome gets curse and electricity resistance through the Fate system.


imageHinako Kujou – 19 years old

A dancer who lives in Osaka. Hinako joins the JP’s to exterminate demons. She is a passionate character who isn’t afraid to bargain with the Yakuza and often has clashes with Airi.

Hinako grows both strength and agility stats equally. She gains ice resistance through the Fate system.


imageKeita Wakui – 16 years old

Being a member of his high school’s boxing club, Keita enjoys fighting demons. He isn’t afraid to rush into battle… alone which can get him into trouble.

Keita primarily builds strength with agility as a second characteristic. He isn’t talented with magic at all. Keita gains fire resistance through the Fate system.


imageFumi Kanno – 21 years old

Fumi is from Nagoya’s JP’s branch and is a technical wizard. She comes off as cold and sometimes rude since she is uninterested in dealing with people.

Fumi maxes out her magic stat when leveling up while her other stats remain low. She can gain ice resistance through the Fate System.


imageAiri Ban – 15 years old

At 15, she’s the youngest member of the team and also happens to be the most bitter. She’s gifted in music, but had to let go of her dream. Airi is part of the JP’s Nagoya division.

Airi gets magic and agility boosts when she levels up. She’s also one of the few characters to get two elemental resistances – electricity and force – through the fate system.


imageJungo Torii – 19 years old

A chef living in Nagoya and another civilian helping the JP’s. He puts his friends first and likes to give other characters food during event scenes.

Jungo prioritizes strength over all other stats. While he’s physically strong, he has low agility and magic. Jungo can gain force resistance through the Fate system.


imageRolando Kuriki – 25 years old

A detective from Nagoya who you first meet in the midst of a riot where he stands up for desperate civilians. He sees the JP’s as an enemy, but is Rolando really a foe?

Rolando develops strength and vitality stats when he levels up. He also gains fire resistance through the Fate system.


There is one more character you will meet in the game, a mysterious man called the Anguished One. He wears a striped red and black suit and calls the protagonist the Shining One. You can seek out the Anguished One for advice… but can you trust him?

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