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Soft Body Takes From Arcade Shooters But Focuses On Painterly Pacifist Challenges



Zeke Virant has announced that he’s bringing his twin-stick arcade game Soft Body to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this fall. It’ll also be heading to Windows and Mac around the same time.


Soft Body is inspired by classic 2D arcade shooters but is much more pacifist in its approach. You control two gooey snake-like creatures that are able to paint the arena around them by getting close to the boundaries. Each of these creatures are controlled with the analog sticks – one on each.


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If you play the game’s “Soft Mode” then you can enjoy the visuals as they breathe color to your movement along to the soothing music. You still have to dodge bullets and avoid enemies but this easier mode is nothing compared to the game’s “Hard Mode.” This is for those who really want a challenge, filling the screen with patterns of projectiles to avoid, and not with just one body – remember – but two bodies at the same time.


You can find out more about Soft Body on its website.

Chris Priestman