Solve Madcap Castle’s Puzzles Through Light Spells, Teleporting, Chicken Summoning


Game Boy-inspired Madcap Castle will have players climbing a one-hundred-and-fifty room tower in order to recover their sanity, doing so by finding spells and solving the puzzles in each chamber.


Madcap Castle presents players with rooms with varied mechanisms, tasking them with figuring out what they need to do in each chamber to move on. Players will often solve these puzzles using spells that will let them create light, teleport, or even summon chickens that will scuttle off to hit switches. Using a mixture of these spells, players will be able to navigate any room in the game, so long as they can keep out of the game’s various traps.


Madcap Castle is available now on Steam, with a demo out on

Alistair Wong
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