Korean developer Tingly Studio will be releasing an English version (and other languages) of its bizarre PC and Android adventure game Baru and the Spirit Prince in early 2015.


Set in the Kingdom of l’Corea, the game has you playing as Baru as he joins forces with a strange animal called Spirit in order to defend the village of l’Cree from the villainous Vasil. You’ll also need to seek out the heavenly fruit known as Elanev that appears only once every thousand years before Vasil gets it.


Baru and the Spirit Prince is aimed primarily at children. As such, the gameplay mainly features simple treasure hunting and puzzle solving in between the storytelling. It also has a strange cast of eccentric characters that come in all shapes, sizes and species, all of them colorfully dressed up flamboyant costumes.


You can currently purchase Baru and the Spirit Prince on Desura in Korean. It’s also up on Greenlight if you’d like to vote for it to come to Steam.

Chris Priestman

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