Solve Puzzles Through Your Own Death In Altero


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Altero, a puzzle game about a character coming to terms with their dark past and death, will have players carefully choosing when to sacrifice their lives to move forward through the game.




When players kill the character, a ghost copy will be created that will follow their same actions throughout the level. In creating enough ghosts to carry out certain actions, players will be able to clear a path for themselves to the end of each stage.


Ady, a living voodoo doll, will eventually deal with its past through the player’s actions, which will have them rescuing lost souls in a bleak place called the Sorrow Forrest.




Altero’s Greenlight Page promises that there will be more to the game than its single-player story. Optional, more challenging puzzles will be in the game as well, and there will also be a co-op mode that offers puzzles that can only be solved by two people working together.


Altero is set to release in early 2017.

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