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Some Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits Pay Tribute To Niche Worldwide Releases




The last time we talked about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirits, which are the characters you can unlock and equip in the campaign to make your characters stronger, we talked about some of the more obscure people who made it into the game. Now that the game is actually available, we’re going to look at people who may not be universally known, but did appear in games that appeared outside of Japan. These are somewhat familiar folks who you recognize. Let’s get to know them better, before you maybe see them and equip them in-game.


We’re kicking things off with Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.’s Henry Fleming. This was an Intelligent Systems strategy game that played a little like XCOM and contained characters inspired by classic novels. (I consider it one of the Nintendo 3DS’ gems and, Mecha Abraham Lincoln segments aside, feel like it deserved a larger audience. The actual Fleming was in The Red Badge of Courage, by Stephen Crane, but this adaptation of him is one of the first characters you will gain access to in Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. and helps lead the group. He’s known for being able to push allies around the map, so you can get them into a more strategic position without using up their own actions. He also uses an Eagle Rifle for standard attacks and can fire off an Eagle Strike missile in his original game. As you can guess from his inspiration and equipment, he’s a very patriotic character.


super smash bros ultimate zael


Another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit is Aeron, from the Nintendo Wii action-RPG Pandora’s Tower. Since this game was only available in limited quantities, there is a good chance some people might have missed it. A curse is transforming Elena, his love interest, into a monster, and Aeron is heading into the 13 Towers found in Imperia. Only defeating each one’s Master and taking its flesh for Elena to eat so her curse can be fought. While he does use a sword, he is known for being a master of the Oraclos Chain, which is like a whip that can be used in battles or to help navigate the towers by pulling switches or letting Aeron grapple.


The Last Story is another one of those Nintendo Wii action-RPGs people might have missed, and both Zael and Calista are the representative appearing as a Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Calista is a noble lady who will eventually become ruler of Lazulis Island, the place where the game is set. Count Arganan, her uncle, attempts to use her as a pawn throughout the The Last Story. The arrival of Zael, who arrives with a mercenary group, ends up being a figure who will change the course of history on Lazulis. He bears the Mark of the Outsider, which suggests he will save the island. Not long after they meet, Gurak invasion changes the course of their destiny. As a result, she gets to work towards a greater good and help save the day.


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Finally, I am going to call attention to Andy from Advance Wars. Why? Well, part of it is because I am a huge fan of this Intelligent Systems series. (Which is as wonderful as Fire Emblem.) But also, it has been so long since Nintendo has released an installment in the Wars series or acknowledged it that Andy might be obscure for some people. The last one, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, didn’t include any of the typical Wars World people. So anyways, Andy! He’s one of the most recognizable Orange Star commanding officers and one of the more well-rounded characters. (In Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2, he’s the first character you get to use.) He’s known for his CO Powers that end up heaing all of his units (and also slightly improving their stats when his Super CO Power is used).


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is packed with Spirits. There are so many characters there. Now that the game is out in the wild, people will have opportunities to collect characters, power them up, and find ones they think might help them a lot as they battle their way through the game. Think of it as a good way to learn about characters while learning what works well for you in the game.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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