Some Undead Just Want To Stop Being Killed For Loot And Experience



Elias Daler has been working on Re:creation since 2013 as a hobby project. It has you playing as an undead knight whose mission it is to show humans that not all zombies want to hurt people, and that some just want people to stop killing the undead for loot and experience.


It plays as an action-RPG, one in the vein of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Earthbound. It has basic combat and dungeons to traverse, but the main focus seems to be puzzle solving.


Central to the game is the “recreation” mechanic—which is where the title comes from. It lets you turn into a ghost who is able to travel around the whole screen and resurrect dead bodies. You then control that body and can use its unique abilities to help solve puzzles. It can also be used in simpler terms such as to weigh down a switch.



Daler went quiet on the project for a while but recently put out another devlog explaining that he had a lot of studying to do in recent months. But he didn’t stop working on Re:creation, as he explains it’s “more alive than ever,” with new features and graphic improvements.


With any luck, he’ll have Re:creation finished up by the end of the year, so we can all learn what horrible monsters we are, killing the undead to level up our RPG characters. Check out the game’s website for more updates.

Chris Priestman