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Song Of Horror Trailer Hints At Grasping Monstrosities, Unsettling Ends, Spring Release


A new teaser for Song of Horror, a game where players will have to help sixteen different characters avoid permanent death, showed off some of the monsters and grasping clouds of death that will be coming for them, as well as some of the lethal ends their characters may meet.


Song of Horror’s trailer teases some of the creatures that will be working to hunt the player down as they explore the game’s bleak world looking for clues. A cloud of dark mist can be seen in several instances, staining doors and trying to smash through them as white, clawed hands scratch and grasp at the character keeping it at bay. Another distorted figure disappears into thin air at another point, hinting at the various creatures that will dog the player. One character is seen being overcome by a darkness coming from within as well, and another being drawn into the cloud, giving an idea on some of the unpleasant ways they may die.

Song of Horror looks to be a narrative-based, atmospheric horror game, drawing from Poe, M.R. James, and Lovecraft to create a fearful story. Players will learn to be afraid for their characters, as all sixteen of them can die permanently if the player does a poor job of keeping them safe. This will be difficult, as the game’s AI antagonist, The Presence, can procedurally generate all manner of dangers for the players to flee from. 


Song of Horror is still in development, and players can keep up with its creation through its site in advance of its release this Spring.

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