Songbird Symphony – A Rhythm Game Of Singing With Bird Pals


Platforming rhythm/adventure game Songbird Symphony takes players to a cheerful forest for some singing sessions with woodland friends, having them tap the right buttons along with the rhythm of each bird’s song as they explore.


Songbird Symphony has players wandering through the woods and wide world around it, platforming around as they find their own paths through it. Puzzle mechanisms may get in your little bird protagonist’s way, but singing a few notes is often enough to get most of them moving again.

As players wander, they’ll meet other goofy, larger birds who want to sing with them. To do this, players will have to hit the correct button along with the beat of each song. The songs all present their notes in different ways, like spreading out across the screen, having them fall from above, or other forms of having them appear, adding additional challenge to the timing of hitting them right. As players do well, the birds will dance as increasingly flashy effects occur.


Songbird Symphony is currently in development, but players can still grab a demo of the game from its site.

Alistair Wong
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