Sonic Chrono Adventure Developer Working On 16-Bit Platformer Spark The Electric Jester



If your taste for 16-bit platformers hasn’t been satiated after playing through Freedom Planet then you may want to turn your attention towards Spark the Electric Jester. It recently got a new gameplay video as you can see above.


The game’s creator LakeFepard describes Spark the Electric Jester as being a “challenge-based” platformer similar, at least in intent, to the Mega Man X series. However, what’s worth noting about LakeFepard is that they’re also the creator of the Sonic fan game Sonic Chrono Adventure.



So you can also expect to see some similar designs to that game within Spark – especially as it’s made in the Sonic Worlds Engine. Most notably, Spark will collect power-ups in the form of items as he travels across the world. He also has a hoverboard that you’ll use during faster levels. Most levels, however, are played on foot.


You can download the latest demo of Spark the Electric Jester here.

Chris Priestman