Don’t Worry: Sonic the Hedgehog Ice Cream Bar Is Not Discontinued

sonic ice cream 1

Readers, it’s time to debunk some fake news. A rumor started spreading around Twitter over the past couple days, sending the intersections of the ice cream and video game fandoms into sheer chaos. According to the wild west of social media, ice cream giant Blue Bunny had done the unthinkable, and discontinued the Sonic the Hedgehog ice cream bar. This would have been a true pop culture loss, as the Sonic ice cream bar, with its awkward shape, tangy flavor, and gumball eyes that never sat where they were supposed to, has been an ice cream truck staple for literal decades. Luckily, multiple sources have confirmed that the rumor was either a hoax, a misinformed ice cream truck driver, or cosmic intervention.

The original Tweet was deleted, but it sparked off a minor flood of online Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase anguish. There was, naturally, a petition immediately in place. But thanks to some quick thinking, a user reached out to Sega’s Mike Cisneros for confirmation. Cisneros noted the Sonic ice cream bar is still a big item for Blue Bunny, and will be sticking around. Blue Bunny also started replying to people on Twitter to put out the rumor fires, noting that Sonic ice cream is a vendor-only item and that any shortages are COVID-19 related.

Lucas White
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