It has been announced that 2D action platformer Freedom Planet will be coming to the Wii U eShop soon—more specifically, “around the end of the year.”


Stephen DiDuro of Galaxytrail Games released the news on his personal Twitter account with the image above. “Thanks #PAXEast2015 for sharing great things with us! Now it’s time for us to share something great! #Nintendo #WiiU,” he wrote.


Freedom Planet came out on PC last year. It’s a cartoony, combat-based platformer about a dragon girl called Lilac and her friends on the planet Avalice fight against an alien attack force.


It focuses on both high-speed and exploration, with dashing, motorcycles that drive up walls, and hair whips to deal with giant robots and insects. You can already purchase it for Windows at $14.99 on the game’s website and Steam.


Chris Priestman

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