Sonic-Like Platformer Freedom Planet Is Getting A Sequel


GalaxyTrail Games has announced Freedom Planet 2 – a sequel to its Sonic-like platformer Freedom Planet, which was released on PC and Wii U in 2014 and 2015 respectively.


The plan is to have a complete beta version of the game ready by mid-2017 and it’s possible that a public demo will be released before then. There won’t be a crowdfunding campaign for Freedom Planet 2 but you can support its development by buying the first game and other GalaxyTrail products.


While the first game was a tribute to Sega Genesis platformers, GalaxyTrail says that Freedom Planet 2 will go a different direction: “we feel that we are ready to bid farewell to nostalgia and create a sequel that will define Freedom Planet‘s identity as a franchise.”


It’ll still be a momentum-based platformer and the prototype screenshot below confirms it’ll still be 2D. What’ll be notable different, however, is that the three heroines have grown up in the sequel, and “have undergone formal training in order to strengthen and refine their fighting abilities.”


Another change is a flexible difficulty system. Instead of choosing Easy or Hard, in Freedom Planet 2 you’ll tweak each stage’s challenge to your liking. “Using special Gold Gems found in stages or crafted by fusing your regular crystals, you can modify specific parameters: Add more lives, alter attack damage, and more.”


You’ll also be able to guard in Freedom Planet 2 so that you don’t have to rely on using the special attack to avoid taking damage. Guards won’t fully block damage of long-lasting or highly powerful attacks, however, such as those from bosses. But you can use the guard button to parry if used a split-second before an enemy attack hits you.


Finally, Freedom Planet 2 will have revivals. You can spend one of your extra lives on reviving your character so long as their body hasn’t been incinerated. You only get a few life petals upon revival but can collect more around levels, plus, you’ll get a few seconds of invincibility when you return.


As to the story of this sequel, which is set several years after the first, this summary should do the trick:


“An ancient terror has emerged from the depths of the ocean. Merga, a water dragon from Avalice’s oldest and deadliest war, has been freed from her crystal prison as a consequence of the Kingdom Stone’s destruction. Through her acts of vengeance, she holds a dark and terrible truth about Avalice’s leaders that will change the history of the three kingdoms forever.


War is imminent once again, but this time, the heroes are split between sides. As friendships are tested, will the girls stand united when Bakunawa rises?”


You can find out more about Freedom Planet 2 on its website.

Chris Priestman