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Sonic Lost World Brings Back Wisp Powers, Producer Teases Casino Surprise



In a recent interview with Famitsu, Sonic the Hedgehog series producer Takashi Iizuka shared some memories about Sega’s earlier days. While he did say that Sonic’s upcoming adventure, Sonic Lost World, will be different from past titles, the game will also have new and improved features of past games such as a casino stage some of you may remember from Sonic’s earlier days.


Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations both had the “Color Power” feature, that was basically power-ups that come from elemental creatures known as “Wisps”. In Sonic Lost World, those will return to help Sonic out on his upcoming adventure. Here’s a look at some Color Powers and Wisps that are new to the 3DS version of the game:


Ivory Lightning

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By borrowing Ivory Wisp’s powers, Sonic will be able to tackle enemies and obstacles much faster than before and can destroy whatever gets in his way. Ivory Lightning also grants him the ability to use electric threads, which can be used to attack enemies. If you charge coils with electricity, you can also use it like a wire for mobility purposes.



Gray Quake

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The Gray Wisp gives Sonic the power to transform into an iron ball. You can control its movements by tilting the 3DS left and right. Sonic’s speed decreases while in this mode, but it’s especially handy when you want to get through tough terrains such as sand and sticky grounds.


It also has the ability to climb walls of any height. You can also use it to jump off ledges and create heavy impact hits, which can be used to press giant switches.


Red Burst

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Red Wisp returns to give Sonic the burning ability in Sonic Lost World, where he can use the power of fire to fly around and destroy obstacles while doing huge damage to enemies. Red Burst also has big explosions that can be used to jump up onto high areas or for a burst of speed.


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Parkour action will be one of Sonic Lost World’s key features. Some of the things Sonic can do include hanging, running on walls, and climbing with spins.


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The somersault attack can be used to stun enemies by hitting targeted foes with shock waves. After hitting an enemy with this ability, they will momentarily stop moving and expose their weak spots, making it a useful move to take out some of the annoying monsters.


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Sonic’s homing attack, where he jumps in the air and locks-on to a target for a high-speed spin-attack, has also been powered up. You can now lock-on to three targets at a time, then consecutively hit them one after the other. Additionally, you can continue hitting large targets for a much stronger homing attack.


Here’s a look at two Sonic Lost World stages:


Desert Ruins: Zone 1 (3DS version)

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This is a giant desert stage with drifting sand and bottomless pits, among many other dangers. The monsters you’ll be fighting here will consist of cacti and giant sandworms.


Frozen Factory: Zone 1 (3DS version)

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In this cool stage, Sonic will be headed towards a factory that Eggman had secretly built, while riding a snowboard in top speed. The zone consists of many obstacles such as frozen grounds, icy air, and snowballs. There will also be some puzzles that will require electricity to solve.


Frozen Factory: Zone 3 (Wii U version)


The secret factory that Eggman had built is actually a casino-style stage that is full of bright neon lights. There are plenty of casino-themed objects such as towers made of casino chips, slot reels, and dice. Sega also teases that a certain something from a casino stage in a past Sonic game will be waiting for you here!


Sonic Lost World is slated for release on October 22nd in North America for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

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