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Sonic Mania Patch Accidentally Released Early; Lets Players Turn Off Time Limit


sonic mania patch

A new patch for Sonic Mania that was most likely meant to coincide with the release of Sonic Mania Plus was accidentally released yesterday for a short period in the UK on the PlayStation Store. [Thanks, Reddit!]


According to the patch list,

  • The Main Menu has been updated with a visual diorama that shows a preview of each mode. [Thanks, LiamCorrieAnimation on Twitter for the screenshot!]
  • A call to action button has been added in the main menu.
  • Updated cutscenes in Mania Mode.
  • Updated boss fights in Mania Mode.
  • Additional Game Options.
  • Additional Data menu.
  • Updated localization.
  • Updated leaderboard support in Time Attack Mode.
  • General bug fixes.


From testing, it has been found on Reddit that in Game Options, players can now choose to turn off the 10 minute time limit or choose different abilities for Sonic in Save File slots. There are new Zone transitions where there weren’t originally. Several originally unused sprites have been restored, and Super Sonic also has new sprites. Finally, a certain phase of a certain boss fight has been changed.


Sonic Mania is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Sonic Mania Plus, the physical version of the game with the extra DLC content included, will be released on August 28, 2018 in the US.

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