Sonic Runners Launches Worldwide On June 25th



After being soft-launched in Canada and Japan back in February, endless platform-runner Sonic Runners will be available worldwide (except in China and Panama) on June 25th for iOS and Android devices.


The launch is a celebration of Sonic’s 24th birthday in Japan as the first game came out on June 23rd 1991. On top of that, Sonic Runners, which is made by Sonic Team, is meant as a tribute to the original games on the Sega Genesis with challenging and “lightning fast” side-scrolling levels to beat.


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You can play as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles and tap the screen to jump, dash, and spin to collect rings and gems while avoiding Eggman and his army of robots as well as the usual cast of spikes and pits. There are also Wisps and Color Powers (from Sonic Colors) that offer bursts of high speed, asteroids to fire, or a drill to use.


Sonic Runners is a free-to-play title so it won’t cost anything to download but it does offer in-app purchases towards upgrades for your character’s abilities (which can also be earned in-game).

Chris Priestman