Sonic the Hedgehog Games in Development for Longer for Quality Reasons

Sonic the Hedgehog

During a livestream on the official Sonic the Hedgehog Youtube channel, brand manager Aaron Webber discussed the longer development cycle of the upcoming Sonic game and answered other fan questions. Essentially, the goal is to improve the overall quality of games.

In response to many fans asking in the chat about when a new trailer or news about the next game will be announced, Webber replied,

This is the case when, back in the day, every year there used to be a new Sonic game. And as a result of that, there are a number of times that because of that rushed production schedule, the quality of the games wouldn’t be quite where they needed to be. And so, a couple of years ago we actually said, “Hey, that’s gonna change, we’re gonna put more time into things.” And that’s gonna mean that you have to wait longer between trailers and announcements and stuff like that, and we know that’s kinda annoying sometimes. We’re really excited for what’s to come, but we can’t say anything. So thank you for being patient, and as soon we have news to share with you, we’ll share it with you.

While not necessarily a tease, in January 2020, Webber posted a thank-you message on the official Sonic Twitter account that contained a hidden message. You can read more about it in our previous article.

The next Sonic the Hedgehog game is confirmed to be production, and Sonic‘s “next big year” is 2021 according to producer Takashi Iizuka.

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