Sonic’s Latest Collaboration Gives A Twist To Traditional Japanese Tabi Socks



Contrary to the modern Sonic the Hedgehog sneakers by Puma, Sega is going with a more traditional approach for its next collaboration with a pair of old fashioned socks by Sou Sou for the nadeshiko in you that’s gotta go fast.


To give you an idea what Tabi are, they’re basically a style of traditional Japanese socks dating back to the 15th century, characterized by the separation between the big toe and other toes so they can be worn with zori and geta sandals and other traditional thonged footwear.


Since tabi aren’t as common these days, they’re usually made by companies that specialize in it and sold in more traditional shops with plenty of variety.



The Sonic the Hedgehog tabi by traditional Japanese brand Sou Sou was made in collaboration through Ritsumeikan University with the concept of “promoting a university’s idea using Sonic the Hedgehog.”



The Takasago Iroha Sonic x Sou Sou Tabi are similar to the regular tabi socks except they come with soles and can be worn as shoes. These ones featuring Sonic the Hedgehog will go for 8,000 yen plus tax.


The standard Sonic x Sou Sou Tabi Socks will go for 550 yen plus tax.





Both styles of the Sonic x Sou Sou footwear are expected to release sometime in early August in Japan. Pre-orders will go live on July 19, 2018.

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