A Sony Boss Pounds Incompetent Staff In This Homebrew SNES-CD Game


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The SNES CD, the SNES peripheral that Sony was working on with Nintendo, was long thought to be lost, but a prototype for the device resurfaced in recent years. This reappearance forms the story of Super Boss Gaiden, a homebrew game for the lost peripheral that stars an angry Sony boss beating up his employees for letting one of the peripherals slip out to the public.




Drawing inspiration from River City Ransom, players will punch and kick their way through Sony HQ as the unnamed boss, beating up employees, mascots like Sackboy and Parappa the Rapper, and other creatures. Dedicated players can unlock extra characters to play the game with as well.




Super Boss Gaiden is available for free, both for the SNES and SNES-CD emulation, through the game’s site.

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