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Sony Confirms People Can’t Transfer PS3 Games to a Vita

Sony Confirms People Can’t PS3 Games to a Vita (1)

When the May 10, 2022 PS3 and Vita firmware updates arrived, people reported an inability to transfer games from a PS3 to a Vita. Now Sony offered an official update. This is not a bug. Rather, it is a permanent change to the systems’ functionality. [Thanks, Resetera!]

Sony noted this change only affects PS3 game transfers to a Vita. It does not alter the ability to transfer content like games and save data to and from a PC. For that, a Vita owner could get the Content Manager Assistant and connect to a Windows or Mac PC to manage content.

In the past, people could download things like PlayStation games and transfer them to a Vita via a PS3. This would allow people to have access to the games and save files on the handheld.

In the update, Sony also said people can still access downloads on the PS3 and Vita. However, people do need to enable 2FA on both systems now. A device setup password is necessary following the 3.74 Vita and PSTV and 4.89 PS3 firmware update.

As a reminder, this isn’t the only recent feature removal. As of October 2021, people couldn’t use a credit card, debit card, or PayPal on either system.

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