PlayStation Vita

Sony Currently Doesn’t Have Any First-Party Development Going For PlayStation Vita



Sony Computer Entertainment Executive Vice President Masayasu Ito recently talked about the possibilities of an enhanced PS4, but for those of you wondering about their lack of first-party development for PS Vita games, he had a few words to share in the interview with 4Gamer.


While on the subject of the PlayStation Vita, Ito says that when the handheld device first released, it mainly sold to people in their 20s and older, but since then it’s been selling to a younger demographic as well, thanks to Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition.


According to Ito says, there are various third party titles planned for release, and to further accelerate the flow, they’ve decided to release new colors this fall for the PS Vita.


During the PlayStation Vita’s earlier days, it was considered a high-spec device, but Ito says that he recognizes that it’s no longer on the level of high-end smartphones as of late, and honestly speaking, he says that he isn’t sure if it’d be the best idea to simply change its architecture and remake the handheld device for now.


4Gamer points out that there hasn’t been any first party titles in development for the PlayStation Vita lately, and this was further backed up after Gravity Rush 2 was announced for PlayStation 4.


“Currently, there are no first party titles that are in development for the PlayStation Vita,” says Ito. “Third party companies are working hard on the PlayStation Vita, so we here at SCE have strategized to focus on our new platform of PlayStation 4.”

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