Sony Files New Patent For Adjusting VR Display According To Headband Size


psvr look 1


Back in July 2018, Sony applied for a patent for a new method of improving VR tracking by implementing dynamic calibration of the headset based on adjustments in the headband for the VR unit.


Here’s a better look at how it would work in action:

psvr look 3


When the VR headset is adjusted and made smaller, the image shown inside the VR frame is altered so everything is in view. For people with larger heads, the distance is widened to account for the change. This change is tracked via a camera that monitors video frames and adjusts itself based on markers found on the sides of the headset (the black dots on the headset in Fig. 4B)


This would mean the calibration would be adjusted in between VR sessions, when the headband is adjusted and when other people using the VR headset might adjust the size of the headband for a better fit. By tying calibration to head size, more precise tracking might be possible. This method could even be used on short breaks where a second player may want to try a game for a little while, making it easy to adjust everything back to the way it was for the original player afterward.


This isn’t the only recent VR-related patent Sony has brought up recently, as we previously reported on a filed patent that lets a second player look into the world shown inside the first player’s headset via a second monitor, such as a smartphone. You can read more about that here.

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