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Sony Gives Us A First Look At A Performance Comparison Video Of PS4 Pro vs. PS5



During a Sony presentation, the company shared a look at its official comparison that gives us a look at how the next-gen PlayStation console compares to the PlayStation 4 Pro. [Thanks, @mochi_wsj.)


The above is an off-screen recording from the presentation.


Here are a few more tidbits:

  • Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida: “To ensure PlayStation will remain as the best place to play, SIE to work on keeping & improving relationships with outside game developers.”
  • In explaining PlayStation’s seamless feature, the company used the phrase “Anytime, anywhere, without disconnections.”


Below are some notes from Sony’s press release:

  • The two keywords for the future direction of PlayStation® are “immersive” and “seamless.”
    • Next-generation console: “Immersive” experience created by dramatically increased graphics rendering speeds, achieved through the employment of further improved computational power and a customized ultra-fast, broadband SSD.
    • PlayStation streaming: Through the evolution of “Remote Play” and “PlayStation™Now,” provide a seamless game experience anytime, anywhere.
      • Remote Play: Turns PlayStation®4(PS4™), which is expected to reach 100 million units in cumulative sales this calendar year, into a streaming game server, providing streaming content at the closest point to users.
      • PlayStation Now: Provides immersive game experiences to users regardless of whether they own a PS4 console at all.
  • Sony will pursue its mission to make PlayStation “The Best Place to Play” by leveraging the latest computing, streaming, cloud, and 5G technologies, together with excellent content.
    • As part of these efforts, Sony agreed to a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Microsoft Corp. (Microsoft) to collaborate on the development of cloud solutions, including game streaming services.


Sony’s next-gen console will release sometime after April 2020. You can check out its first details in our previous report.

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