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Sony Interactive Entertainment And Spike Chunsoft Tease New Titles


Famitsu celebrated their 30th anniversary with a NicoNico Livestream this weekend, where we got to see their reactions to new titles teased by Sony Interactive Entertainment and Spike Chunsoft. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]

During the livestream, Spike Chunsoft’s Takayuki Sugawara, known for having worked on the Danganronpa series and Patriot of Ukiyo and Ronin of Ukiyo, showed Famitsu editor-in-chief Katsuhiko Hayashi a peek at a new PlayStation Vita game that they’re working on at the moment.

While no details were shared on this mysterious new PS Vita title, Hayashi surprisingly responded with “Is this okay!?” upon getting a look. He also commented that it was “surprising” and “Sugawara-san’s image changed.”

Spike Chunsoft also said that it’ll still be a while until this PlayStation Vita title gets announced.

Following was Yasuhiro Kitao, who is in charge of advertisement for Sony Interactive Entertainment. Kitao said that he didn’t have any images to show, but revealed some text from his tablet, to which Hayashi responded with “Whoa, hahahaha,” “Whoa, awesome!,” “Crazy, I got the shivers!,” and “This is amazing! Amazing, amazing amazing.”

Again, no other information other than his reaction was revealed, but going based on the reaction alone, Game Jouhou suggests that it could perhaps be a sequel to a known title or something related to one. Considering they didn’t have any images to show, it’ll probably be a while until we get a proper announcement for SIE’s own mystery title.

While we didn’t get to see anything from the teasers for ourselves, Hayashi concluded by saying “It’s great to have such things. It’s really fun.” “This will definitely be worth waiting for.”

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