Sony Partners With South Korean University For “PlayStation Class”



Sony Computer Entertainment Korea and Sangmyung University in Korea have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to open a new class. Dubbed the “PlayStation Class”, it’s a full-on academic module worth three credits to graduation, not just a one-off special.


The syllabus will focus on console development, with about 15 games utilized during the module course. Which 15 weren’t specified. Outside experts will also be invited to give talks about game development to students.


Considering the number of indie developers running around these days, this seems like a great idea from Sony: Get youths interested in the nitty gritty, without having to really commit to a full course in, say, animation, and let indie development take over the rest.


True, some might think there’s a lot of dreck in the water with the indie movement having gained so much momentum. But throw a dice long enough and it’ll come up sixes eventually.