image Sony is setting up focus groups in Japan to get opinions on developing PSP and PlayStation 3 games. If you’re in Tokyo, more specifically Aoyama where Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is located, you can apply here. Half-day participants get 2,500 yen ($25) for hanging around Sony’s offices for 2-3 hours. Full-day testers get 5,000 yen ($50) plus lunch. Mmm… delicious Trash Panic Bento Boxes.


Focus groups are nothing new. Sony’s selected age range is what makes this interesting. The application says anyone who is a first year elementary school student to an adult up to 40 years old can apply. A significant range which could mean Sony is eyeing younger (i.e. elementary school) and older (i.e. 30+) demographics for both platforms. Historically, SCEJ made kid friendly games like the Ape Escape series, but we haven’t seen them carry over to the PlayStation 3.

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