Sony’s Educational Toy Platform “toio” Launches In Japan On March 20



Sony Interactive Entertainment is introducing a new way to play with its hands-on educational toy platform called toio. Its goal is to cultivate creativity and getting creative juices flowing, starting with the ring-shaped controllers and many possibilities.


The above is a concept movie that gives us an idea of what you can do with toio. The original idea of toio came from Sony engineers who wanted to give children something “real” to play with, not just another virtual diversion like a video game.


toio (1)

The toio Set will retail for 16,980 yen plus tax. The following items are included in the set:

  • toio console x 1
  • toio Ring x 2
  • toio Core Cube x 2
  • toio Core Cube Top Plate (white x 4, clear x 4)
  • AC adapter x 1
  • Power cable x 1
  • Instruction manual x 1


toio (3)

Here are some titles exclusive to the toio going for 5,980 yen plus tax each. They are toio Collection, Kosaku Seibutsu Gesundroid, and GoGo Robot Programming.


toio (2)

A toio Value Pack that comes with the toio device and toio Collection will be available for 19,980 yen plus tax.


The toio releases in Japan on March 20, 2019. You can check out more with details from its English official website.

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