Sora, A Shmup About A Girl Made For War, Comes To Steam This Winter



Fruitbat Factory has announced that it’s bringing the English localization of Orange_Juice’s fast-paced shmup Sora to Steam this winter.


It’s the sequel to Orange_Juice’s previous shmup, Suguri, and therefore takes place in the same universe of enhanced humans.


In fact, Sora is yet another of these enhanced humans, equipped with an auto-target system and an arsenal of weapons and shields. There are over 20 weapons to unlock in the game but you can only bring three with you in each mission.


But Sora isn’t just a body made for fighting as she has her own personality that detests the war she was born into. Throughout the game, Sora makes jaded remarks as she doesn’t know what she’s really fighting for, but does so as she knows nothing else.

Chris Priestman
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