Sort The Aliens From The Humans In This Upcoming Interrogation Simulator



Nightmarea Games has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming interrogation thriller Between The City and The Needle. A demo and crowdfunding campaign will be arriving this summer.


In the game’s world it has become apparent that not everyone who appears human on Earth actually is a human. Instead, they are imposters posing as humans. Your job, as a psychologist, is to interrogate 40 suspects to determine whether or not they’re human or an imposter.


“Will you let them go, believing them to be human, but know you can never find out what they truly are? Or will you sentence them to death, unconvinced of who they claim to be and have their autopsy reveal their true identity?” asks Nightmarea Games.


You come to this decision by questioning each suspect’s identities and using your intuition. However, you can also use an electronic messaging system to talk to co-workers at the facility to get some support. Only some of them will respond, however, as your personality is affected by how you play, and this changes who is willing to speak to you.


There’s more to Between The City and The Needle than that, though. You may also grow suspect of the facility that these interrogations are housed within. It’s possible to uncover its secrets, decrypt documents, and hack into hidden files? to find out what’s going on here. There are nine different endings to discover based on your various interactions.


You can follow the development of Between The City and The Needle on Nightmarea Games’s website.

Chris Priestman