Soul Nomad: Strategy Session


soulnomadss.jpgAfter another couple of hours with Soul Nomad, I'd like to think that I'm pretty good at designing rooms. I haven't lost a battle yet and while I've lost a few troops here and there, most of my rooms have survived in battles.


All the customization available in the beginning of the game may be a bit overwhelming, so I thought I'd offer a few tips regarding building rooms.


Tip #1: Clerics, clerics clerics!

Clerics are the key to keeping the troops in your room alive.  If you're going to put a cleric in a room (which you should if you're just starting out), pick a room that has a spot in the rear.  If you put a cleric in the middle spot, it'll randomly heal one of the units. But if you put the cleric in the rear spot, it'll heal the whole room in one turn.  Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.


Tip #2: Protect your leaders

Each room has a leader.  If the leader falls in battle, the room automatically disappears for the map even if there are other troops still in that room.  This is why I usually put my leaders in the middle spots or in the rear.  They're less likely to get hit and therefore, less likely to fall in battle.


Tip #3: Evasive units in front

Since units in the front get hit by melee attacks most often, it's only natural to put strong units or units with more HP in the front.  That's a good strategy, but another good strategy is to put evasive units in the front.  The high evasive stat of the units makes it so that enemies usually miss them.  If they do get hit, hopefully there's a cleric in the rear to heal them right up.


Tip #4: Don't waste your turn

Sometimes, you start the battle too far away from any of the enemies and it'll take you two or more turns just to reach them.  Don't waste those turns by just moving.  Move closer, then use a tactic to raise one of your stats.  Most of the rooms have tactics such as "Increase defense 50%" or "Attack Up 50%".  Use those to buffer your rooms while you're making your way to the enemy instead of just setting your room to "defend" if the enemy can't reach you anyway.


Tip #5: Don't be afraid to reconnaissance Soul Nomad has the handy feature of letting you see the battlefield before you jump in and fight.  Use this to your advantage.  Check out the terrain and decorate your rooms accordingly.  If it's mainly plains and flatlands, put on a decor that raises your attack stats in flatlands.


Tip #6: Rooms that can't move

Sometimes, rooms are created with a decoration that prohibits them from moving.  This might seem like an awful idea, but usually the lack of movement is made up by an increase in another stat, or an experience multiplier.  To use these rooms to your advantage, move your main room toward the enemy, and then summon the unmovable room and place them next to the enemy.  Just because they can't move doesn't mean they can't kick ass.

Louise Yang