Soul Saber 2 Launch Trailer Introduces Its Battle Droid Heroines & Heroes



Soul Saber 2s launch trailer introduces players to the cast of male and female battle droids they will be shooting the clothes off of in the game’s third person multiplayer shooter combat.




Players can take Madoka C.E. out into the field, using her specialty with beam sword to carve up enemies up close or cut them down with a gatling gun at range. M-LE needs to get even closer to put her knife skills to use, but her ranged beam missile makes up for that.


Soul Saber 2 features nineteen different playable battle droids, each with different outfits to shred, weapons to use, classes, and appearances, for players to choose from to take into six-on-six player matches. As players and opponents get shot, their clothes will wear down, leaving teams often wearing very little by the end of a match.




Soul Saber 2 is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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