PlayStation Vita

Soul Sacrifice Announced For Both North America And Europe [Update]



Dark “true fantasy” Vita title, Soul Sacrifice, is headed to both Europe and the U.S., as confirmed by Sony on their Playstation blog today.


The game, by developer Keiji Inafune, focuses on the concept of sacrificing your character’s body parts in order to perform deadly spells. The strength of your spells is directly determined by how significant your sacrifice is. Composers Yasunori Mitsuda and Wataru Hokoyama are working together to produce the game’s soundtrack.


In addition to the confirmation, Inafune also put out a video discussing his vision for Soul Sacrifice on the PlayStation blog. You can watch this below:



Here’s something else to think about—if Soul Sacrifice is coming over with its original name intact, what’s Forsaken Souls? A trademark that may now never be used, or is there another game with “Souls” in the title headed our way?


Update: Updated with trailer.