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Soul Sacrifice Delta Introduces A Third Faction, More Co-Op Elements


Earlier this month, we got a first look at Soul Sacrifice Delta, which according to creator Keiji Inafune, is not an update with new monsters, but a brand new game with new features. The official website updates us with a closer look at what to expect from Delta.


In Soul Sacrifice, players were part of an organization called Avalon, known for sacrificing magical beasts. In the new DLC episode, “Saviors of Heresy,” we were introduced to a new organization called the Sanctuary. Contrary to their darker counterpart, Sanctuary focused more on saving beasts rather than sacrificing them.


Soul Sacrifice Delta will be introducing us to a third faction, known as “Grimm”. Unlike the other two organizations, who either save or sacrifice monsters, Grimm goes by the philosophy of letting the heavens decide on the beast’s fate, as they go with the option of “choice”. Their purpose in the world still remains unknown, but it will be revealed in Soul Sacrifice Delta.


Of the three mentioned organizations, players will be required to pick one which they’ll belong to. In addition to the types of magic you get, the loot you get upon completing quests will also change, depending on your organization.


The above is a look at what the save and sacrifice part of Soul Sacrifice Delta. In addition to having the options to save or sacrifice, you’ll get to hold both L and R buttons to go with the “Luck” choice.


While the choice will result in either saving or sacrificing the target, going with “Luck” will provide a different effect compared to the other options. Regardless of whether they live or die, you’ll also gain both magic power and health.


In addition to the 40 monsters that were part of Soul Sacrifice, who will be returning with updated graphics and AI, Soul Sacrifice Delta will feature many new monsters. We recently got a look at a couple of the new monsters that were inspired by fairy tales.



This time, there will also more cooperative aspects to the game. The above images depict one player using what appears to be the morphing Soldier’s Ember, who is launched by another player’s Fire Giant’s Arm.


There will also be new enchanting abilities, that allow you to enchant non-attributed weapons with an elemental boosts. Weapons without any elemental attribute tend to have more raw power, which will also be kept when enchanted, making it a good way of dealing heavier damage against enemy weaknesses.


Soul Sacrifice Delta will also be bringing the Grimm’s Fairy Tale theme to their maps, as shown in the images above. Additionally, it will also be bringing back enhanced versions of the older maps. Finally, this time, when monsters go berserk, they’ll be destroying much more of their surroundings.


Soul Sacrifice Delta is slated for release on March 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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