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Soul Sacrifice Delta Story Trailer Shares A Peek At New Scenes And Monsters



Keiji Inafune’s updated-but-not-a-sequel version of Soul Sacrifice, titled Soul Sacrifice Delta, features new grotesque monsters, a third faction, and more co-op elements. The above is a look at the upcoming game’s new story trailer.


The trailer starts out with the following narration:

“Have you ever wondered… how many times we’ve been us?”

“Eternal recurrence. The world was destroyed… and it’ll be forced to repeat once more.”


After giving us a look at some of the new scenes and monsters that will be included in Soul Sacrifice Delta, the trailer ends with the narrator saying, “From this point, it’s your story,” which those of you who’ve played the first game will most likely understand. (especially if you got to the end!)


As mentioned in our previous report, those who pre-order the game will get additional costumes as seen in the above image. The limited edition “Soul Sacrifice the Art if Magic” comes with illustrations, extra short story, original Soul Sacrifice anime disc, soundtrack (10 tracks) and a guest artwork by a certain popular artist.


Soul Sacrifice Delta is slated for release on March 6 for PlayStation Vita in Japan, and it’ll also include an early access ticket for the upcoming demo of Freedom Wars.

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