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Soul Sacrifice Releases The Kraken’s Sad Backstory



The horrific monsters in Soul Sacrifice were once human and Sony has a tragic tale for each poor person who was granted a wish. We talked about some of the other twisted creatures like the Elf and Cyclops. Here’s what happened to the Kraken.


There was once a captain who loved his merchant ship more than anything, even his own family. One day, his ship was attacked by pirates. His crew was slaughtered and the captain was captured along with his beloved ship. Seeing the pirate flag hoisted on top of his ship’s mast was the worst part of all.


After being thrown out into the sea, the captain managed to survive. Afterwards, he vowed to reunite with his beloved ship and got a hold of a warship to take on the pirates. Before long, the captain became known as the “Pirate Killer”. One day, the captain finally saw the pirates on his beloved ship. He chased them down and boarded the ship.


The pirates weren’t going to simply hand him over the ship and fought back. Unfortunately for the captain, he took a heavy blow from the pirate leader that took him down in one hit. Crawling on the floor nearing death, he prayed as he begun to lose consciousness, “I don’t want it to end here, I want my ship back.”


At that moment, he heard a mysterious voice from the depths of the sea.

“I shall grant your wish. Are you prepared to pay the price?”

The bloodied captain nodded. Then, out of nowhere, giant entrails protruded from his body, attacking the pirates one by one until there were none left standing. The delighted captain was relieved, as he was back with his beloved ship… or so he thought.




Ironically, a mysterious secretion oozed out of his body and began to melt the deck of the ship. The gaping hole caused his ship to sink into the sea, as the captain clung onto the ship and went down with it. While sinking down with the ship, he heard that same voice again. “Further desires require further prices to pay. You still have more to offer—“


After floating back to the surface, the captain immediately got back on the warship. He killed the entire crew and began to tear apart the flesh off their bodies. As he collected more flesh, his appearance changed into something familiar… it was the look of his beloved ship.


image  image


The captain wasn’t satisfied, he was still incomplete. In order to become perfect, he required more material. Not only did he lose his body, but he also lost his heart and himself as a human being. He drifted off into the sea in search of more flesh to reproduce what he once loved.

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