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Soul Sacrifice’s Massive April Update Adds New Monsters And An Area To Explore



    We recently showed a few sneak peeks of what to expect in Soul Sacrifice’s major update on April 4th. Producer Kentarou Motomura recently gave a closer look at what we’ll be getting in the update.


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    The main monsters that will be awaiting judgment are Dullahan and Behemoth.


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    As previously reported, the area that pits you inside a giant’s body will also be included in the update.



    The forbidden technique, known as Berserk, will also be implemented in Soul Sacrifice. Berserk is a powerful and useful ability that forms a tornado around your character that sucks up enemies and attacks them at the same time. However, it will require a sacrifice of the character’s knowledge, as the player will lose sense of the magic they have set. In other words, you won’t be able to tell which button does which magic after using Berserk.


    In addition to the in-game features, the major update will include various game play options. Previously, Soul Sacrifice could only be played multiplayer via WI-FI. This update will include an Adhoc multiplayer option, allowing you to play wirelessly.


    There’s also a new social media feature that lets you post how many monsters you’ve sacrificed and saved, once a day on Twitter and Facebook. Doing so will grant you an item called “Libram’s Tear”, which can be used to reduce the level of either life-force or magic on your character.


    Another additional feature that allows you to get more Libram’s Tears is in the newly added AR play card mini-game, featuring collectable spirits that can be traded for the tears.


    A few fixes and options have also been implemented:


    • You can now dodge while aiming a long-ranged spell.
    • Additional option menu choices.
    • Camera speed is now adjustable.
    • Using spells that require you to hold buttons for a longer period of time doesn’t restrict you to using the right stick, as you can use the directional pad too.
    • You can now collect Libram’s Tears during Multiplayer Mode, without having to leave the game.
    • The X and R buttons are now interchangeable in Key Config.


    In addition to the Behemoth and Dullahan, Soul Sacrifice will have several more monsters in the near future, through free updates. Here’s a look at the silhouettes of some of the upcoming downloadable monsters:




    Soul Sacrifice is slated for release on April 30th in North America and May 1st in Europe.

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