SoulCalibur VI Trailer Highlights Its Game Modes And Character Creation System

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Bandai Namco released a new trailer for SoulCalibur VI that goes over the game’s many modes including its new “Soul Chronicle” and “Libra of Soul” Story Modes including a look at its Character Creation.


Here are the highlights of what we see in the trailer:

  • Arcade –  Consecutive battles against 8 CPU characters.


  • Versus – Fight against other players or CPU.


  • Training – Check move lists and various settings while practicing fights.


  • Story: Soul Chronicle – New Story Mode that recounts the events of the first SoulCalibur through a main storyline, including a storyline for each character.


  • Story: Libra of Soul – A separate Story Mode that allows players to create their own characters to go on their own journey.


  • Character Creation – In addition to body-type and hairstyle, players will have a variety of customization options to make their own characters including their own battle styles.


  • Network – Compete online!
    • Ranked Match – A mode where you’re ranked over points determined by wins and losses.
    • Casual Match: Create a room and play against several players.
    • Rankings – Check all rankings.
    • Replay – Watch replay videos of your own or other players.


  • Museum – A look into the world of SoulCalibur with Portraits, the Library, Gallery, BGM, and Strategy Guide.


SoulCalibur VI releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19, 2018. In case you missed it, Cervantes was officially announced with a character trailer earlier today. He was revealed earlier this month alongside Raphael.

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