Phantasy Star Online 2 got a major update earlier this summer with “Episode 3,” which introduced a new Bouncer class and some casino games for the lobby. Sega shows off more of Episode 3’s part 2 update, which will arrive later this month.



The video begins with a footage showing a Japanese-style makeover that the Team Room will get. As you can see, it’s full of cherry blossom trees and a special building look that has tatami mat floors and other Japanese-style looks to it.


Next, they give us a look at the Space Battleship Yamato 2199 collaboration, starting with the Space Battleship Yamato, itself. The Yamato will show up inside the Arks Ship, and can even be seen from the My Room area. There will also be extra goods you can get to decorate your room.


2014-12-10_222954 2014-12-10_223150 2014-12-10_223541

The collaboration even features characters from the series, such as Susumu Kodai, Yuki Mori, and Akira “Rei” Yamamoto. They also have the Yamato crew outfit for characters as well, and it wouldn’t be complete without the captain of the Yamato, Juzo Okita, who is also a costume option.


2014-12-10_223500 2014-12-10_223513


Since the Japanese-style is part of the Episode 3 major update, they’re also bringing back some more costumes for it, too.



Additionally, part 2 of Episode 3 brings in more “Extra Hard” level quests for those looking for more of a challenge. This includes tougher mobs, new drop items, and a 12-man giant boss fight against “Magatsu”.


The Magatsu is so big, it towers over the entire town, and you’ll need to use extra booster jumps to reach its weak spots, and weapons located in the area. It launches devastating laser attacks, which you’ll need to dodge while trying to beat it before it breaks through all of the town’s walls.


The new content from Episode 3’s update part 2 will launch on December 17, 2014 in Japan.

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