Space Mouse Is A Steam Port Of An Early Japanese Indie Game



Space Mouse, originally released for the PC-8001 system in Japan back in 1981, has been recently rereleased on Steam with some added features.




In Space Mouse, players control space cat Alice, guiding her through a maze-like environment, dodging deadly space mice as they climb towards the top of the screen to reach their space ship and freedom. They’ll have to do this quickly, as they only have until their air meter runs out to escape.


There are a few power ups that will help them along, though, letting them punch holes in walls or clobber the mice who are attacking them.




This new release of Space Mouse offers five different builds of the game, each with their own visual style that’s representative of different systems of the era.


The game was originally created by Takanari Suzuki, a Japanese doctor who created games in his spare time before coming to work with Enix in 1983.

Alistair Wong
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