Be A Space Piratess With A Guitar-Gun In Colorful Visual Novel KAT ATTACK!



Computer artist and game maker Axel Shokk has released his two-year project, which is a visual novel about a guitar-gun wielding space piratess called Kat Attack!


It follows the galaxy-famous Kat Herakles as she attempts to bring her murdered boyfriend back from the dead in an intergalactic mission full of mobster scum and bounty hunters.


Kat isn’t notorious for no reason, packing a custom-made Stratoblaster and turning up with her sidekick Orion riding shotgun. It’s bright, it’s colorful, and it’s apparently a very action-packed visual novel.


Kat Attack! consists of seven chapters, and has at least 100 renders per chapter, all of it stylized as if a comic book with dialogue corresponding to each panel. It’s enough work that Shokk dares to call it “by far the most image-heavy visual novel to date!”


You can purchase Kat Attack! for the discounted price of $24 (full price is $30) on the game’s official website, and that’s for Windows, Mac, and Linux. There’s also a demo that you can try out before you buy – direct downloads: WindowsMacLinux.


Also worth noting is that the game comes with a free copy of Shokk’s 2012 “artware” exploration game TRIP.

Chris Priestman