SpaceCats In Space Is All About Elaborate Dogfights



If the idea of fighting rabid dogs in space as a feline member of the Cougar Squadron sounds like a dream come true to you, indie studio Robotic Potato is working on making just a game a reality. SpaceCats in Space is currently seeking support on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter.


SpaceCats in Space is an arcade shooter with a storyline and characters reminiscent of an old school Saturday morning cartoon. Players pilot the upgradable ship of Crown Princess Angelina Contessa III, as she strives to protect the Meowfyre Kingdom. See the dogfights for yourself in the gameplay trailer below or check out the playable demo.



Robotic Potato anticipates SpaceCats in Space will launch mid-2017 on Windows and Mac via Steam, followed by a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release.