imageDone with Spectral Force Genesis yet? Good. Oh, you said never bought it? Sorry… that’s what happens when you ask rhetorical questions. Anyway, Idea Factory is trying to bring Spectral Force Legacy stateside.


Spectral Force Legacy, a PSP follow up to Spectral Force Genesis, was on Compile Heart’s massive GDC localization list. The Harajuku based company is shopping for a North American and/or European publisher.


Like other Spectral Force titles, there is a balance of real-time battles with dozens of units running on a battlefield and country management. Players can create alliances with enemies, trade raw materials (gold/livestock), and fortify bases on the world map.


Ignition Entertainment picked up the rights to Spectral Force Genesis after Nobilis published it in Europe. Prior to Ignition, NIS America and Yuke’s of America published other Idea Factory titles. Considering that Spectral vs. Generation got localized chances are some company is going to grab this, but who will it be?

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