Spice Up Your Android Phone With A Sword Art Online Launcher




Because so many people seem to be enjoying living the fantasy of light novel/anime/manga Sword Art Online, we thought you might like this little SAO Android phone launcher application by developer Xlythe for your weekend tinkering.


Similar to the way the in-game launchers work in the universe of Sword Art Online, Android phone users (Again, sorry iPhone guys!) can simply swipe down from the upper left or right of their screens to access all their functions such as contacts, messaging and applications. It opens on top of whatever application you’re currently running, making it more of a nifty quick-access option. The launcher is free (with ads) and you might need to do a little tinkering to have it play nice with other programs that ping up notifications such as SMS messages. It even has its own SMS mini-program that mimics the messaging screens from the fake MMO. Cutely, it also has a HP bar up top!


As a side note, this will probably work with the Neptunia-themed sets if you picked those up—but do note that you will probably encounter odd clashes with notification sounds.


While some might dispute how good or how really scary Sword Art Online’s I’m-stuck-in-an-MMO-and-I-might-die was, I was one of the few who kept a general running tally in my head whenever the author rang up a figure of the latest number of players who perished. Think about it, 14 people will never wake up again after facing The Skull Reaper (WARNING: SPOILERS) and that doesn’t include the first 10 scouts who went in either.


The initial story arc sets trapped MMO players in a virtual world where they must clear the game’s entire 100 floor dungeon/castle world to escape. It took them two real-world years in the series to finally do so. That’s pretty heavy stuff, and author Kawahara Reki hasn’t been letting up with the rest of the series so far either.