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Danganronpa Girls Are Picking Sides In World Uniform: Costume Fes



The girls from Danganronpa are crossing over into Spike Chunsoft’s free-to-play Vita title, World Uniform: Costume Fes.



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Players of World Uniform pick from one of three sides in school uniforms, business attire or maid outfits to battle it out for supremacy after a virus has wiped out every male on the planet.


The crossover lets you pick up Junko Enoshima for the schoolgals, Kyoko Kirigiri for the business folks and Chiaki Nanami for the maid team. They can then be evolved from Rare+ four star units up to Super Rare 6 star cards.



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Considering the post-apocalyptic setting backstory for both games, Spike Chunsoft could be having a go with messing with us by implicitly suggesting both might be in the same continuity somehow…


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World Uniform: Costume Fes is available now on PlayStation Vita.