Spike Chunsoft announced a brand-new smartphone app with DeNA called Seikimatsu Days, a roguelike game by the Mystery Dungeon team, and it is expected to release this summer in Japan.


Here’s a trailer for Seikimatsu Days:

The game is set in Tokyo, and it’s a roguelike that will have you control up to four characters. It comes with randomly-generated dungeons that changes each time you play with roguelike game systems such as turns.


Players will get to choose various options such as auto-save, controlled character numbers, order preference, movement speed, and other settings.


Seikimatsu Days launches in Japan in Summer 2018 for iOS and Android. There will be a beta test for Android-users for up to 5,000 participants starting April 19 and ends April 26. You can learn more about the beta test here.

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