Spike Chunsoft’s Staff Recruitment for a PS4 and PC Adventure Game Suggests a New Danganronpa

Spike Chunsoft Staff Recruitment Danganronpa

Spike Chunsoft is recruiting staff for a new PS4 and PC game that could be the next Danganronpa title. [Thanks, Hachima.]

The recruitment ad is for UI designers looking to work at Spike Chunsoft’s office in Tokyo. The position for a UI designer for a console title. To be more specific, the platforms are listed as PS4 and Steam, with adventure game as the genre.

Most of it is pretty standard, but what stands out is the first requirement from Spike Chunsoft is that they must “like the Danganronpa series.” It also asks for someone with job-related communication skills, and UI work experience for console and PC games.

Spike Chunsoft also wants someone looking to make a good game. They mostly want someone who would like to make something together with a team.

Danganronpa series’ latest entry, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in January 2017, PC in September 2017. Check our earlier report to read more about series creator Kazutaka Kodaka and why he left to create Too Kyo Games.

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