Spin Yourself Around Surfaces Floating In Space In Shooter Dystoria



Players will find themselves spinning their craft all over floating structures in space, shooting back against enemy ships in Dystoria.


635551600_preview_Gameplay Screenshot 2016-02-22 14-10-24


Dystoria’s arcade-like combat takes place on large objects in space. Players and enemies will cling to each surface on these objects, constantly reorienting them as they hunt down things to shoot. Every downed enemy ship will drop salvage as well, which players can use to upgrade one of the game’s ten ships.


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In order to complete an area, players will need to collect three orbs within a time limit. Some of these will be on other structures, so to break away from their gravity, players will need to use speed rays and launch portals to throw themselves across gaps. Should players do well or find hidden areas, they’ll be rewarded with nucleons that will let them buy additional ships, each with varied shields, looks, and handling.


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Dystoria is seeking Greenlight votes and Kickstarter funding in hopes that it will release in Q4 this year.

Alistair Wong
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