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Splatoon 2 Adds Final Salmon Run Map, ‘Ruins of Ark Polaris’, And New Kensa Weapons


ark polaris 4

Splatoon 2 will be adding one final new stage to Salmon Run tomorrow, as well as new Kensa Collection weapons featuring the new Ultra Stamp special and Torpedo sub weapon.


Ruins of Ark Polaris

ark polaris 1

ark polaris 2

ark polaris 3

ark polaris 4


From the Squid Research Lab:

Research indicates that these are the Ruins of Ark Polaris. This ominous location will be the final new stage for Salmon Run shifts.

We’ve also received an urgent announcement from Grizzco Industries:

An outbreak of Salmonids has appeared in the Ruins of Ark Polaris. We’re currently preparing a part-time crew for deployment the evening of Wednesday, November 6th. Part-timers looking to join this crew should take immediate action as soon as the work shift is ready.


The Japanese Twitter account also had some more to share on the new stage, which features human ruins in the form of the space shuttle and signs in English:

These are the Ruins of Ark Polaris. The final stage being added to Salmon Run.

The Ark, which once left this dying land filled with hope – What has it seen?

This cradle has ceased its function, and now sleeps quietly upon the land.


Kensa Collection

kensa wave 3 1


Four new Kensa Collection weapons are being added to game tonight – the Kensa Splattershot Jr., Kensa Octobrush, Kensa Undercover Brella, and Kensa L-3 Nozzlehose.

The Kensa Splattershot Jr. comes with the new Torpedo subweapon that can hunt down enemies, and the Bubble Blower special to keep opponents at bay.


kensa wave 3 2


Next is the Kensa Octobrush, a stylish modern look for a traditional brush. It features the Suction Bomb subweapon, and the new Ultra Stamp special so you can stamp the town red (or more likely, orange/blue/pink/green/yellow).


kensa wave 3 3


The Kensa Undercover Brella keeps the function of the regular Undercover Brella, which is to keep the umbrella without shooting it outwards, and features the Torpedo subweapon and Ink Armor for extra defenses.


kensa wave 3 4


Finally, the Kensa L-3 Nozzlehose burst fire Shooter gets the Splash Wall subweapon, and the Ultra Stamp special weapon.


Splatoon 2 is available on Nintendo Switch. The updates will arrive on the evening of November 6, 2018.

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