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Splatoon 2 Asks Players To Give It Strength With The New Booyah Bomb Special


booyah bomb 1

Nintendo recently gave an introduction to two things coming to Splatoon 2, being the Booyah Bomb special, and the final new stage, Skipper Pavilion.


Booyah Bomb

booyah bomb 2

booyah bomb 3

booyah bomb 4

Booyah Bomb is one of the new Special Weapons being added to Splatoon 2, and was teased in the Ver. 4.0 trailer in the Nintendo Direct. Once activated, you can charge it up quicker with the Booyah signal, and teammates can join in too to gain a small bonus to their own special meter. Once it’s charged, you can unleash the bomb for a large inksplosion.


Skipper Pavilion

skipper pavilion 1

skipper pavilion 2

skipper pavilion 3


Skipper Pavilion was also shown off in the Ver. 4.0 trailer, and will be the final new stage added to Splatoon 2. The stage enters the rotation in early October.


Here is the Squid Research Lab’s introduction to the stage:

“This is Skipper Pavilion, a popular tourist spot in the neighborhood of Inkopolis Square. Inklings believe that visiting will give them positive energy and good vibes to win Turf War battles. Despite being under restoration, Inklings and Octolings enjoy battling here using the scaffolds and fences. This stage will join the rotation in early October.”


Splatoon 2 is available for Nintendo Switch.

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