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Splatoon 2 Brings Back Ability Rerolls With A Much Needed New Feature To Go With It



Those of you who played the first Splatoon might remember saving up a bunch of Super Sea Snails from Splatfests for item ability rerolls. The feature will be back in Splatoon 2 with a super useful new feature.


This new sea urchin-like character is named Spikey in Japanese, and actually looks up to Spyke, the character in the first Splatoon that provided the item order and reroll services. As a follower of Spyke, he’ll help out with all kinds of business.




The skillful Spikey specializes in “Gear Cleaning.” By using this feature, he’s able to remove any “Additional Gear Abilities” to make equipment go back to their original state.


They say that the removed Gear Abilities becomes “Gear Ability Fragments,” and can be kept.



Once you have enough of these “Gear Ability Fragments,” it is said that you can even restore Gear Abilities to an open slot. By repeating the Gear Cleaning, you’ll get to come up with your own combination of Gear Abilities.


Huh? It looks like this young man may have already surpassed Spyke…?


To put it simply, whenever you remove Gear Abilities from your equipment you’ll get “fragments” of the abilities, and when you have enough of these you can add it to an empty slot for that ability. That said, it means you won’t have to reroll countless times until you get the perfect combination of abilities you’d like to have on a piece of gear.


Splatoon 2 releases in Summer 2017 for Nintendo Switch.

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